What to Feed Your Dog

When you get your first dog you will soon realize that one of the most important things you will have to decide regarding our dog is what to feed it. You may not know this but food is the one thing that affects your dog's overall health the most. Whenever you go to the vet, one of the first questions she will ask is what you feed your dog. Good vets will know that food is the number one thing that directly affects your dog's health. So if you give your dog good food, you can expect that your dog will be healthy and have a nice shiny coat. The sad thing is that multi-billion dollar commercial dog food companies sponsor many vets so they have to recommend dog food from these companies even though they wouldn't feed it to their own dogs. Let us take a look at some of the most common dog foods people give their dogs today.
The number one most common high protein dog food people give their dogs is commercial dry kibble. These are what you find in supermarkets and pet shops. People choose these dog foods because of the extremely good marketing they have and because they are super convenient. You never need to turn on your stove or use your freezer when you use commercial dry kibble as your dog's food. All you will need to do is take a cup or two from the kibble bag and dump it in your dog's bowl and you're done.
It also supposedly has a balanced mixture of all the essential vitamins and minerals dogs need. Although there are many good brands of commercial dry kibble today that make really good human-grade best dog food for small dogs, the real problem with this dry kibble is that they lack moisture. You know that a human body is made up of 70% moisture and the same is true for dogs. So your dog needs a lot of moisture to stay healthy and these dry dog foods just don't provide enough moisture.
The next most common diet for dogs is home cooked food. This can be a much better choice than dry kibble because you will likely be using human-grade ingredients that contain a lot of natural moisture. But there is one big problem with home cooked foods, and that is that it is very difficult to balance the proportions. You may be feeding too much carbohydrates and not enough protein. This is the problem with home cooked dog foods. Refer from this youtube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rUzBXMIKFZA.